Cashier Attacked During Gas Station Robbery

Cashier Attacked During Gas Station Robbery

( – On Friday, September 15, a woman was attacked during a gas station robbery in Normandy Park, Washington, according to a recent FOX13 report. The surveillance video from the incident shows the cashier being beaten during the attack, while the six suspects in the robbery are laughing.

Leah Johnson, the victim in the attack, revealed to FOX13 that the six men had been laughing and had not shown regard for anything. The attack occurred on September 15 at night at the Friendly Normandy Market.

The video caught by the surveillance cameras shows that one of the suspects repeatedly punched Johnson in the neck and head, while also kneeing her stomach. In the meantime, the other five men went around ransacking the store.

Johnston revealed that she even told the suspect that he could stop and that she was not going to fight back, but that didn’t make make him slow down. During the attack, Johnson ended up falling to the ground where the suspect kicked her before running out of the store with his team. The alleged robbers stole under $100 in cash, along with some candy and merchandise.

The cashier revealed to KOMO News that as soon as she saw the six men wearing black clothes and masks enter the store, she started feeling uneasy. She said she could feel that something was about to happen and started mentally preparing for a possible robbery, but she was not expecting to be attacked so brutally.

Police revealed to local media that the suspects left the scene in two stolen vehicles, one Hyundai and a Kia.

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