Christian Group Speaks Out on Mike Johnson

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

( – A digitally connected Christian community focused on social justice, Faithful America, is sounding the alarm over the recent appointment of House Speaker Mike Johnson, whom they label as a potentially “dangerous” Christian nationalist in U.S. governance.

Johnson, a GOP member from Louisiana, ascended to this high-profile role following a protracted internal struggle within his party. With a deep evangelical Christian faith, he has aligned himself closely with the political ethos of ex-President Donald Trump and has been vocal about his desire to infuse his religious beliefs into his political actions.

In a recent petition backed by an array of Democratic and forward-thinking groups, Faithful America describes Johnson as a staunch conservative with a track record of taking rigid positions on matters such as LGBTQ+ rights and abortion.

Their public appeal paints a picture of a political bait-and-switch, suggesting that Republicans, after their drawn-out and disorderly Speaker selection, have presented Johnson as a palatable choice, while his alignment with the GOP’s hardline faction is likened to that of Rep. Jim Jordan, only concealed beneath a genial exterior.

Furthermore, in a separate pronouncement, Faithful America singles out Johnson as a possibly unprecedented threat in the guise of a Christian nationalist leader.

Support for this petition extends across various progressive platforms, including Daily Kos and Progressive Democrats of America. The call to action had amassed upwards of 9,400 signatories by November 2, according to Newsweek.

Faithful America has also flagged Johnson in their yearly “False Prophets” index, a list identifying public figures they claim advocate for a Christian nationalist agenda—an ideology proposing the U.S. is intrinsically Christian and that government and laws should be based on religious doctrines.

Among those named alongside Johnson are Trump and Jordan.

Since taking up the Speaker’s gavel, Johnson has been scrutinized for intertwining his Christian convictions with his political duties, and for allegedly promoting a Christian nationalist perspective.

In his inaugural address to Congress, Johnson expressed his belief that divine providence had a hand in the assembly of the current House.

In contrast, opposition figures like House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries have voiced trepidation over Johnson’s ideologies, labeling him an extreme conservative. Despite these controversies, Johnson remains unshaken, suggesting that the critique of his faith is an expected aspect of his political journey and dismissing claims that he seeks to instill Christianity as the state religion.

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