Company Says Its Newspaper Delivery Drivers Will No Longer Exit Vehicles in Baltimore

Company Says Its Newspaper Delivery Drivers Will No Longer Exit Vehicles in Baltimore

( – A Baltimore newspaper delivery driver’s employer recently informed all customers in his area that the drivers would not be leaving their vehicles following three carjacking incidents. The notice said that the employees would throw the paper at the front steps or porches of the homes and that all deliveries would take place after the sun had risen.

Reginald Scott, a delivery driver, told Baltimore’s WMAR that he had bent down to get the paper and upon turning around there was someone pointing a gun to his face. He added that there wasn’t much lighting in that neighborhood and that this was why he and the other driver had gotten carjacked in that particular neighborhood.

He added that apart from them being carjacked, there were also people being robbed and having their cars broken into in that area. However, he did claim that delivery drivers were being targeted at an increased rate. He said the suspects were watching what they were doing and then jumping out when given the opportunity.

In Baltimore, the number of carjackings has decreased by 24 percent year-to-date, according to numbers from police. However, Fox News reported that in the last few weeks, there has been a surge in carjackings.

According to the outlet, Eric Hontz, a resident in Baltimore, stated that it was “scary” and that everyone felt for the delivery drivers. He added that for carjackings to occur so early in the morning, it meant that people were deliberately looking for possible victims in the area that they could take advantage of. As he pointed out while crime rates might be down, it shows how much farther Baltimore has to go to be safe.

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