Democrats Reportedly Manage To Flip George Santos’ Seat

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi managed to win back a seat in the House of Representatives following the ousting of former Republican Rep. George Santos, who was expelled late last year. 

The Associated Press, in their projections, said that Suozzi would take the win over Republican County Legislator Mazi Pilip and return back to the House. The race was called by the outlet on February 13, around one hour following the closing of the polls.

Suozzi’s success means that the GOP’s already thin majority in the House is further reduced. Both the national Democrats and Republicans put a lot of funding into the race in New York City, where many of the major topics included abortion, immigration, crime, and border security. The local election is widely perceived to be a “bellwether” before possible rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in 2024, according to Fox News.

Pilip told supporters following her loss in the election that she had called and congratulated her opponent on the race. She added that while her campaign lost, they were fighters and their efforts wouldn’t end there.

Following his victory, Suozzi also spoke in front of a crowd, arguing that despite all of the lies and attacks against him, he had won. 

With this recent victory, the House majority has been reduced to 219-213, with the extra seat picked up, possibly causing additional issues for the Republican party which is trying to maintain its control of the chamber. 

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