Lawmakers Push Biden Admin To Hold Off on Move of FBI Headquarters

Photo by Mary Oakey on Unsplash

( – A group of lawmakers from Virginia is pushing for the Biden administration to pause the move of the FBI headquarters to Maryland. According to a recent report from The Hill, they are arguing that a conflict of interest might have occurred during the selection of the new location.

Back in November, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) agreed to launch a review process following FBI Director Christopher Wray’s letter to FBI Staff which he brought up worries about whether the General Services Administration had been transparent and fair during the selection plan for a new site.

The GSA was responsible for the process of selecting a site for the new headquarters of the FBI, as the previous headquarters in Washington, D.C., had aged. The three-member panel originally backed the relocation of the headquarters to Springfield, Virginia. However, a senior executive in the GSA who was tasked with reviewing the work of the panel decided to overturn their decision.

The Virginia delegation is now pushing for the process of moving the headquarters to be paused by the Office of Management and Budget (OMD) until the OIG finishes reviewing the process that had been used for the decision. They said it is essential that both the FBI and GSA provide all relevant information in the investigation while also allowing the necessary time for a conclusion to be made. This was why they were also calling for the administration to pause the efforts to have the headquarters moved, until the review process could be completed.

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