Lawsuit Aims To Get DOJ Involved in Recovery of Missing Texts

Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash

( – On April 19, a lawsuit was filed in a federal court that is pushing for the National Archives to get help from the Department of Justice. The suit aims to aid in the recovery of text messages from the Secret Service and Homeland Security Department, which allegedly disappeared after the election of 2020.

The Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein had legal representation file the lawsuit. It argues that according to the Federal Records Act, the one in charge of the Archives is obliged to seek help from the attorney general if the agency is unsuccessful in the recovery of important documents.

The Hill reported that in July, DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari told lawmakers that the Secret Service had “erased” messages from the day of the Capitol attack in January 2021. The agency has claimed that the loss of these text messages was due to them migrating to a different phone software a short time after the January 6 incident.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Deputy Ken Cuccinelli had text messages that disappeared around that time. The loss of these messages was notable, as they could have been an important part of the investigation into what happened on Capitol Hill. The Hill noted that they may have been used to assess the movements of former President Donald Trump on that day, as well as his attempts to have the DHS confiscate voting machines.

The National Archives previously requested that the Secret Service examine this matter, but they did not request the assistance of the DOJ.

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