Massachusetts Resident Opens Up About Welcoming Migrant Family Into Home

Photo by Ash Gerlach on Unsplash

( – A resident of Massachusetts shared with a local outlet her experience of having opened her home to a migrant family in the Boston suburb. During her comments, she encouraged everyone to join and open their doors to hour immigrants as part of what a Democratic official had referred to as a “shared responsibility,” according to a recent Fox News report. 

A migrant couple from Haiti shared their experience on WBTS-CD, noting that before being welcomed into the home they had been resting at the Boston Logan International Airport and after that, at a children’s hospital. They previously traveled to the United States with their daughter, who was just two. However, their circumstances greatly changed after Wildande Joseph, and her husband, whose name remained private, moved into Lisa Hillenbrand’s apartment. 

Joseph said that being welcomed into the home has made her daughter’s morning significantly happier, and every morning, she says, “Hi Lisa!” 

Hillebrand shared that it was a lot of fun to have the family around and that she has now realized just how much prejudice there was regarding refugees, particularly from people who did not know them. She added that it was as if she had her own chef now since Joseph loves to cook and was dreaming of one day opening her restaurant. 

Hillenbrand proceeded to share how the family was hardworking and that they wanted to be successful. She added that she was happy to be helping and to be gaining this deeper understanding of the refugee crisis. She then called for other people to take similar action. 

Recently, Boston Councilperson Julia Mejia urged families to welcome migrants as well. Calling it a “shared responsibility,” she said that many of the surrounding areas have more resources, and that everyone should be doing what they can to set the migrants “up for success.”

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