Mexican Leader Says Migration Flow Will Continue If US Doesn’t Comply With Requests

Photo by Jorge Aguilar on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, March 24, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offered a warning saying that if the United States sends billions in aid each year, there would continue to be a massive influx of migrants from Latin America into the United States. 

In the interview with “60 Minutes,” Obrador said that unless the United States agreed to fulfill the requests for aid from Latin America, the migration flood would continue. 

Previously in January, Obrador made a number of requests regarding what the United States needed to do in order to block the migrant flow at the southern border. One of the requests included $20 billion in aid to Latin American countries each year. Another involved offering some amnesty to undocumented migrants working in the US.

According Fox News, Mexico has also reportedly taken actions on a state level in order to help bring down mass migration following the request from President Joe Biden. Still, there started to be another increase in the number of migrants in February, and Border Patrol believes there will be yet another influx in the spring. 

Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi during the interview with Obrador asked if he was planning on slowing down immigration, since everyone seems to be under the impression that he has that power. In response, Obrador said that they were taking steps to reduce migration, but that what they needed to be paying attention to was the root cause of the migration wave. 

Alfonsi pointed out that Obrador has called for the end of the embargo in Cuba, the lifting of sanctions in Venezuela, the legalization of migrants in the US, and the yearly transfer of $20 billion to Latin American nations. When asked what would happen if these things did not occur, Obrador simply stated that the heavy influx of migrants would continue. He added that he would continue to help regardless of whether the US complied with the requests, but that he had to speak “frankly” about the reality of the situation.

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