NFL Rookie Opens Up About His Love for Common Condiment

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

( – Will Levis, the rookie quarterback of the Tennessee Titans, is not only known for being a part of the NFL. According to Fox News, he is also known for his unusual coffee preferences.

Specifically, Levis went viral after he revealed that he added something a little bit unconventional to his coffee. He’s shared he has a love for adding mayonnaise to his coffee. The quarterback has now signed a lifetime contract with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. This is the first time in its history that the company has offered this kind of contract.

Levis, in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, revealed where his love for Mayonnaise is coming from. He said his palette had developed a little early, which is why he started eating ketchup and mayo from a young age. Even when he was little, he would put mayonnaise into his sandwiches. He added that he is not sure if this was a case of his parents forcing him to eat certain foods or if he just liked it.

Levis, whom some have mocked over his decision to add the condiment in his coffee, has urged everyone to try it at least once. He’s stated that there are many people who have reacted in disbelief, and in most cases, he just tries to change people’s opinion about mayonnaise and get them to try it. He said sometimes, he has been successful in these endeavors. He added that mayo was his favorite condiment, so it’s great convincing others that they like it too.

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