Principal Who Was Injured Protecting Students During Attack Passes Away

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash

( – The high school principal of a school in Perry, Iowa was shot multiple times while protecting students. On Sunday, January 14, his family announced that he had passed away as a result of his injuries.

Principal Dan Marburger was shot repeatedly while attempting to protect students on January 4. During the shooting, a sixth-grade student was also killed, while there were four others who ended up injured. The alleged gunman was a 17-year-old student who shot himself to death when police arrived at the scene.

The state Department of Public Safety stated after the shooting that Marburger’s actions were selfless and that he had endangered his own life in order to protect the students. The state Division of Criminal Investigation spokesperson Mitch Mortvedt also noted that the principal had taken some important action in order to limit the harm that students faced. However, he did not elaborate further on what he meant, according to The Hill.

Superintendent Clark Wicks also praised Marburger for his actions stating that he was a “hero.”

On the night of the shooting, Claire Marburger, the principal’s daughter, shared on Facebook a post about her father, stating that he was a “gentle giant” and that she wasn’t surprised he put the effort in to look after his students. She added that she heard of the gunman and instantly had the sense that he would put himself at risk for others, because that’s just who he was.

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