Recent Poll Shines Spotlight on Biden Performance

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – According to The Hill, a recently released Gallup poll showed that the majority of Americans did not approve of the way that President Biden has been dealing with key issues including the economy, immigration, and the country’s foreign affairs, including the U.S.’s relation with Russia and China.

Biden’s overall approval rating was shown to be at 42 percent in the poll, while his disapproving rate was at 53 percent. The remaining five percent of respondents expressed that they were neutral about the situation.

When it came to specific issues, only 37 percent approved of the way the President was handling the country’s economy. The Hill reported that this marks an increase since March when the approval rating was 5 percentage points lower. However, the most recent number is still a far cry from the percentage of participants who expressed approval near the start of his turn — 54 percent.

Only 31 percent of respondents approve of the way the President is handling immigration. Thirty-seven percent also approve of the way the President is handling Russia while 32 percent approve of the country’s relations with China.

When it comes to Biden’s handling of the war in Ukraine, 47 percent approve, while 44 percent also support the way Biden has been dealing with education. Finally, 46 percent approve of Biden’s handling of race relations.

Close to ninety percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s performance compared to only 3 percent of Republicans, according to the poll. From the independents, 39 percent approve of Biden’s job performance.

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