Sheriff’s Office Warns of Concerning Gift Card Scam

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( – The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office revealed that there has been a gift card scam that shoppers needed to be aware of this holiday season.

On December 10, Fox News Digital reported that the sheriff’s office revealed that over the course of a week, they made 285 felony and misdemeanor arrests across the US as part of a large anti-retail theft operation. One of the people arrested in this operation was a Chinese national who had been found with thousands of Apple and Target gift cards, Fox News reported.

Last week, the sheriff’s office said during a press release that as part of their operations, the detectives found that one individual had been acting suspiciously while close to the gift cards section in a Target store in Sacramento. The office alleged that the individual, who has now been identified as Ningning Sun, took all the gift cards from the Target store and hid them in his jacket.

Authorities noted that the accused then replaced the cards with ones that appeared to be the same.

Sheriff’s office members stated that they followed the suspect outside, which is where they proceeded to arrest him. Amar Gandhi, the spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office stated that the guy had been like a piñata, with gift cards just dropping from his jacket. The man was found to have thousands of cards in his possession.

Gandi explained that the suspect would steal the gift cards from the store and then remove the glue to get the card’s bar codes. He would then re-conceal them and place the cards back on the shelves after recording the number. This would allow the suspect to steal any funds that the buyer later loaded onto the card. Authorities reportedly believe it’s likely that Sun has been playing a role in a larger scheme and encourage the public to report any relevant information.

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