Texas Resident Confronts Burglar Suspect Before Police Arrive

Texas Resident Confronts Burglar Suspect Before Police Arrive

(ConservativeHub.com) – According to a report from Fox News, authorities revealed last week that a Texas resident managed to catch a suspected burglar who allegedly trespassed into their property. The resident ended up holding the suspect at gunpoint as they waited for the arrival of the police according to authorities.

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office released in a post on Facebook more information about the incident while also commending the people involved for acting quickly and effectively.

On Friday morning 911 dispatchers received a call about a trespasser in a Fayetteville area property. The area is located around 95 miles from Houston. At the time, the caller informed the dispatcher that the suspect, identified as Brian Schmitt, had been trying to get a better view of the vehicles that the resident had before trespassing in one of the structures on the property.

The sheriff’s office in their Facebook post noted that the resident had a firearm and made him drop to the ground. They then kept the suspect there.

Deputy Chase Ceder, who responded to the scene, then tried to arrest Brian Schmitt, the 47-year-old suspect, but was unable to arrest him on his own at first and ended up requiring the assistance of two other residents.

Schmitt is facing charges of resisting arrest and burglary of a building. The sheriff’s office praised the resident for their assistance in the arrest of the suspect, noting in their Facebook post that they were glad to work in an area where they knew they would have the public’s assistance.

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