Trump’s Trial on the Horizon as Other Major Cases End

Trump's Trial on the Horizon as Other January 6 Cases End

( – According to a recent report from The Hill, this week brought an end to a number of cases related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack, with many Proud Boys members facing sentencing. Now, the Department of Justice has started to prepare for the trial of former President Donald Trump.

During the last week of August, Trump’s trial date was set for March. According to The Hill, it was only days before a number of members of the Proud Boys received the toughest sentences to date in connection to their actions on January 6.

Trump’s case is going to be tried in a Washington federal court, and it relates to his alleged role in the events that transpired at the U.S. Capitol over two years ago.

Georgetown Law professor and previous federal prosecutor Mary McCord has claimed that all of the cases have the same objective, but that they are not all the same. The Hill reported she said that much like the seditious conspiracy cases, Trump is being federally charged with having attempted to block the peaceful transition of power, overriding the voters’ choice. However, the cases are not the same as the defendants are different.

She pointed out the former President was a different defendant to the Proud Boys leaders Steward Rhodes and Enrique Tarrio. The leaders of the group and many of its supporters who charged into the Capitol in 2021 have entered into seditious conspiracies against the U.S.

Trump’s case, however, includes four charges brought forward by special counsel Jack Smith’s case. Three conspiracy counts in this case include conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, conspiracy against rights, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. According to McCord, the prosecution against Trump will not involve images or footage of him storming the Capitol or facing off against Capitol police, but on his communications and statements surrounding the incident.

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