US Airlines Discover Uncertified Parts in Jet Engines

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

( – American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United, and Delta Air Lines have reportedly discovered in recent months that some of their aircraft jet engines had parts with forged safety certificates. The CFM56 is the engine model that has been affected the most, with some of the parts that have been included including compressor stator vane seals and low-pressure turbine blades.

The London-based supplier AOG Technics, a firm that is known for part acquisition and sale for maintenance or repairs. They are allegedly the ones to have provided these replacement parts, and they are now facing a lawsuit from General Electric and engine company Safran.

On Tuesday, October 3, Delta revealed to Fox News Digital that a “small number” of aircraft engines were recently discovered to have this issue. The company added that they were currently in the process of having all those parts replaced while also continuing to follow the FAA guidelines and regulations.

According to a company spokesperson, less than 1 percent of Delta’s fleet was affected by these uncertified parts. They added that none of the aircraft that had unapproved engine parts were flying and that there was no impact on the company’s flying ability as a result of the discovery.

According to Fox News, United also revealed that they found unapproved parts in two of their aircraft. In a statement, it noted that following an investigation, it discovered that the compressor stator vane seals that the provider had provided for the single engine had not been certified. It added that it was working on getting both of the affected engines replaced in order for service to continue as normal.

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