Woman Gets Fired Following Outburst at McDonald’s

Photo by Thabang on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A new video has been going viral on TikTok of a woman directing degrading comments at an employee at a McDonald’s in Fresno, California. The video, which was posted last week, has received a lot of engagement, while the man who stepped up to stop the woman has been hailed a hero online.

The dental office where the woman, reported to be Gina Aiello, worked has revealed that she is no longer an employee at their office.

The man in the video, Luis Aceves, and his friend had been having lunch at the establishment together when the incident broke out. Apparently, the woman started her attack over a soda.

According to reports, Aiello started yelling at employees about a soda. That’s when Aceves stepped in and said that she was not allowed to just come and “degrade people.” He said in the above news footage that employees explained that there was someone cursing them out through the drive-thru video. His friend added that at one point, Aceves decided he needed to stand up for the employees. Before walking out, Aiello was captured on video telling him, “F*** you, you F****** Mexican.”

Despite the degrading comments, Aceves said that he did not hold any grudges. He added that he wished the woman the best and that these types of things should not happen as people should treat one another better. He said everyone was having a hard time with “finding out purpose in life” and sometimes people just had bad days.

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