Woman Shames Boyfriend in Stunning Video, Breaks Up With Him

Woman Shames Boyfriend in Stunning Video, Breaks Up With Him

(ConservativeHub.com) – TikTok user Bdazzle (@iknow_girl) has posted a video in which she shows the trip she took to Europe while knowing that her boyfriend had been cheating. The video was first posted back on July 31, and its popularity skyrocketed.

The original poster revealed to Newsweek that the video was taken during their summer vacation in Europe from late May to late July. In the caption of the video, she wrote that she went on a 9-week trip in Europe with her boyfriend who she had found one day before the trip had been cheating on her for their entire relationship. The woman revealed she did not want to lose the thousands of dollars in cancellation fees, which is why she opted to take the trip.

During the video, many images of the boyfriend, whose face has been blurred, are shown as he poses in different locations. In all of the shots, a hand is seen holding up a different note.

Newsweek reported that according to a study by Bankrate, 58 percent of Americans stated that they could not afford to take a vacation in the summer of 2023, while 62 percent of those stated that the reason they could not afford it is because of the surge in prices and inflation.

The notes in the viral clip reveal more of the story, as the woman and the boyfriend had been dating for more than a year and a half. The couple even moved in together and discussed what their future was going to be like. A different note in the video noted that he would often take trips without her knowing where she would meet with other women.

In a comment on the video, the woman also revealed that she pretended she was making a video of the nice things he’d done for her, and that she would show it to him after the vacation was over. She ended up sending him a full break-up message along with the video.

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