Case of Couple Accused of Staging Kidnapping Features in New Docuseries

Case of Couple Accused of Staging Kidnapping Features in New Docuseries

( – A California couple who made headlines after law enforcement claimed that they had staged the attack in a kidnapping have now become the subjects of a new Netflix docuseries, “American Nightmare.” In 2015, Denise Huskin was abducted and kept in captivity for 48 hours. During that time, she was repeatedly raped before being released.

However, the event was later dismissed by the Vallejo Police Department, as they believed this was an “orchestrated event,” manufactured in the spirit of the film, “Gone Girl.”

In a new Netflix docuseries “American Nightmare,” directed by Bernadette Higgins and Felicity Morris, viewers are presented with the ordeal that the couple experienced and how they struggled to make people believe their story. However, their story was only believed when another crime occurred 40 miles away, which ultimately resulted in the perpetrator being arrested three months later.

Following the incident, the couple filed a lawsuit against the police department for $2.5 million. Before that, they faced a lot of scrutiny from the public.

Aaron Quinn, who was Huskin’s boyfriend, contacted the police to inform them about the kidnapping a day after the abduction. However, the story he told didn’t seem believable to authorities.

The man said on March 23, 2015, he and Huskin were startled awake around 3 a.m. to flashing lights and what seemed to be several intruders holding stun guns and wearing wetsuits. The intruders proceeded to instruct Huskins to bind Quinn up using zip ties.

Quinn told the police that they put swim goggles covered in duct tape and foam earphones in his ear to keep him from seeing or hearing anything. In a pre-recorded message they also informed him he would be sedated.

Huskin was then kidnapped for ransom. When Quinn reached out to authorities for help, they quickly became suspicious of him, and later suspected both Quinn and Huskin of being part of a hoax.

It was only after a detective connected the case to a separate robbery in June of that year that the perpetrator was finally got arrested and charged. According to the Netflix series, Huskin said it was baffling that police, who had the power to help them, turned against them instead. She shared it made the situation all the more “frightening.”

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