Delta Passenger Says She Was Put Through Frightening Situation

Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash

( – Ashley Haugen, 32, is a mom of two who recently shared her “horrific” experience while in a Lyft car after her Delta Air Lines flight in Boston, Massachusetts was oversold which led to her being bumped. Haugen, who is based in San Antonio, Texas, was visiting Boston for a work trip at a product safety conference, according to Newsweek. However, her business trip ended up turning into a “harrowing ordeal” after the flight that she was meant to take was overbooked.

After learning that she was bumped from the flight, she along with another female passenger were “taken on a disturbing detour.”  As she shared on TikTok, Delta Air Lines had endangered both of their lives as they were put on a Lyft journey from Boston to Rhode Island after volunteering to be bumped because of the overbooked flight.

Haugen revealed to Newsweek that she was shocked when she realized that instead of the proper hotel, the Lyft car was taking them to a completely different state. According to her, she had booked a reservation to a hotel in Boston about a half hour away from the airport, but that a Delta supervisor explained to her that there would be an address discrepancy due to how partnership with Lyft worked, and that the driver would know what to do.

However, during the Lyft ride, she and the other passenger reportedly realized they were heading away from the hotel. She said that she asked the Lyft driver to stop but he didn’t, insisting that they were going to the right place. This led to her wondering what was happening, and even considering that she and the other passenger might have been kidnapped.

The driver indicated that he didn’t speak English, so Haugen reportedly used a Chatbot to explain in Spanish that there was a mistake. Finally, the two passengers were able to get off the ride, and Haugen got another Lyft driver to return her to the airport.

Delta’s spokesperson stated that the company would be starting an internal investigation to find out what had happened.

Lyft also released an apology and claimed that they too would be investigating the incident.

Four volunteers had been taken off the Delta flight and were supposedly offered food vouchers, hotel accommodation, and an additional $500 in gift vouchers.

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