Trump Provides Testimony in Court

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( – On Monday, November 6, New York Judge Arthur Engoron and former President Donald Trump went up against one another in court as Trump took the stand in the non-jury New York Civil fraud trial. The case against Trump, his two adult sons, and the Trump Organization was brought forward by Letitia James, the New York Attorney General who is calling for Trump to pay a large fee and be blocked from doing business in the state.

One of the New York Attorney General’s Office lawyers, Kevin Wallace, was the one questioning Trump during his time on the stand. Specifically, he questions related to a statement of financial conditions that was referenced in the case.

According to a Fox News report, Trump argued that these particular documents were not ones that banks tended to pay a lot of attention to. Wallace proceeded to inquire how Trump knew that, to which Trump responded that he has been doing business with banks for over 50 years and that what they tended to pay attention to was the deals.

Trump continued by saying that this is something they would explain further as this “crazy trial” proceeded.

While Wallace awaited the questions patiently, Engoron was quick to push Trump to answer the questions faster, arguing that what he wanted was answers and not speeches from the former President.

Chris Kise, the defense lawyer of Donald Trump, interjected, arguing that these were open-ended questions with longer answers to them.

Wallace proceeded to show a portion of a 2014 statement of financial condition that Trump had submitted and read out the part that Trump had been responsible for the preparation of.

Trump replied in regards to the section that the banks wanted as much information as possible to be given in the statements so that they would be able to complete their statements. He said that he was responsible for providing the information preparers would need.

During questioning, he was asked to disclose what information he was responsible for, but he said it was a long time ago, claiming that for any other person, it would be “beyond the statue of limitations.” He asserted his belief that Engoron would rule against him, prompting Engoron to shoot back that Trump could “attack” him as much as desired, but demanded he give a straight answer.

The tension between Trump and Engoron continued throughout the testimony, with Trump slamming the judge for ruling against him in the past. In addition, Engoron appeared to become irritated with the former president, appealing to Kise to “control” his client on multiple occasions.

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