Woman Found Guilty of Terrible Crime

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – A jury decided that Jessica Bundren from Texas should spend the rest of her life in prison after she was involved in physically abusing the two biological twin daughters of her boyfriend. The district attorney’s office revealed that one of the twins did not survive the injuries from the abuse.

On Thursday, November 2, the Brazos County jury found that the 43-year-old woman was guilty of having abused the two girls. Only one of the two girls was able to survive the injuries.

Kara Comte, the Assistant District Attorney from Brazos County, revealed the jury’s decision during an email interview with Newsweek.

Local authorities stated that Bundren was first arrested in 2020 when she had been found to have physically abused the twin girls over bed wetting and not eating fast enough. On October 27, 2020, one of the two girls, Arianna Rose Battelle, died because of all the injuries she had suffered while her sister survived.

Following her conviction, Bundren has been held in the Brazos County jail for wittingly bringing bodily harm to a child. On Friday, a judge ruled that the woman should serve the maximum sentence which is life in a state penitentiary in this case, as well as be fined $10,000. Comte has pointed out that Bundren is also going to face another trial relating to the charges for injuring the twin girl who survived.

In December 2020 the father of the two girls, Justin Hopper, was also indicted on two counts of Injury to a Child with intent to cause bodily injuries and he is set to have his status hearing on December 14.

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