Biden-Harris HQ Account Says Trump Looks Out of Breath During Campaign Event

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Opponents of former President Donald Trump have argued that during a December 13 campaign rally in Iowa, Trump sounded as if he was out of breath.

Newsweek reported that in the video footage from the event, there was a brief moment where Trump paused close to the end of his speech in order to take a deep breath. The video from Coralville was also paired with emotional music. Eventually, Trump continued by wrapping up his speech by stating that the country was in decline. Trump’s speech during the event contained multiple verbal attacks against President Joe Biden.

Trump in his monologue praised the “Iowa patriots,” whom he referred to as “incredible.” He proceeded to stop talking in order to take one big breath. He then continued by arguing that these patriots had put their “blood, sweat and tears” to transform the United States into the world’s greatest country.

Music started to play from the speakers and at that point, Trump continued by raising his eyebrows to the crowd. The audience then began shouting in support.

The following day, the video was posted by the Biden-Harris HQ account on X, where it said that Trump sounded like he was out of breath while music was playing during the event. The tweet was originally posted on December 14 and since then, it has been viewed over 640,000 times.

Another user who commented claimed that the last time they had seen Trump be so out of breath was during his White House balcony appearance after he left the hospital in 2020.

Supporters of the former President were quick praise him, saying that Trump was extremely funny and that his speech was phenomenal. According to Newsweek, one user claimed he was “way ahead” of Biden, while another expressed confidence he would win the upcoming election.

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