Routine Traffic Stop Leads To Shocking Finding

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

( – On July 4th, a routine traffic stop by the Nash County deputies in North Carolina turned into an unexpected rescue operation. While performing their regular duties, the deputies pulled over a white Audi for a traffic violation on Interstate-95. What started as an ordinary inspection soon escalated when the officers noticed that the vehicle carried Florida plates, arousing their curiosity.

Behind the wheel of the car was Alejandro Hernandez Vazquez, a 40-year-old man. As per protocol, the deputies commenced their interaction with some routine questions. Yet, as the conversation unfolded, they began to sense that something was amiss. Certain responses from Vazquez and the overall situation gave them a reason to suspect that there might be some criminal activity involved.

Intriguingly, Vazquez complied when asked if his vehicle could be searched, perhaps thinking he could elude suspicion. This consent led to a startling discovery. The officers found a 16-year-old girl accompanying him – a girl who had been reported missing by the Coral Springs Police Department merely five hours prior to this encounter.

Investigations revealed that Vazquez had met the teenager online. The teenager’s family, however, was oblivious to Vazquez’s existence. They had certainly not granted him any authority to take their young daughter out of state. The circumstances surrounding the incident became more alarming with each new piece of information.

Immediately after the traffic stop, Vazquez, who allegedly had plans of traveling further north with the minor, was arrested and taken to the Nash County Detention Center. His arrest was swift, as the gathered evidence was more than enough to hold him accountable.

Set at a considerable $505,000, Vazquez’s bond reflects the severity of his actions. His charges are multiple, ranging from possession to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The possession charges were specifically levied due to the THC pens found within his vehicle, marking an additional layer of illicit activity.

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