Starbucks Closing Multiple Locations in San Francisco

Photo by June Andrei George on Unsplash

( – Starbucks has announced the closure of seven of its San Francisco stores. In the announcement, the coffee giant announced that other locations across the city would open up, reopen, or be renovated.

According to Fox News, a Starbucks spokesperson stated that every year, the company examines its store’s portfolios in order to identify changes needed in their investments and consider possible alterations to their format.

Starbucks North California regional vice president Jessica Borton sent a letter on Monday, October 2, informing the stores about the planned closures. In her letter, Borton pointed out that there were several factors that needed to be considered when Starbucks decided whether or not one of its stores would need to be closed in order for the company‚Äôs portfolio to remain strong and healthy. She added that moving forward they would continue to listen to their partners’ needs in order to focus on their products and store environment.

The seven stores set to close are located in several different neighborhoods including Cathedral Hill, Financial District, Union Square, and South of Market. Borton added in the letter that those employed at locations that are closing will be offered positions at other stores.

Borton added that they would continue to support their partners in the best way possible during this transition. While Starbucks is closing seven of its stores, they are also planning on spending $2.5 million on renovating four stores in the city, one in Outer Sunset, one in Noe Valley, and two in Union Square.

Starbucks has also opened three new stores in the city, including a delivery-only location and a store on Market Street which was turned to pick-up only.

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